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Classification of sleep: Which category do you fall in ?

Every person has a pattern of sleeping and he sets his life according to the same procedure, In fact the original sleeping pattern depends on the biological clock inside the body and accordingly, a person sleeps and wakes up and according to experts, disclosing this biological clock can cause you to suffer from many problems and diseases.

We were aware of two types of people till now. The one, according to a general procedure, working day long and sleeping at night, while others sleep daytime like owls sleeping and waking up nights. Experts further say that people can be divided into several categories by sleep. These categories are sleeping or waking in a specific part of the day, Let’s see which category you fall in.

Morning Lark :- People of this category are very active in the morning from 9am to 11am and after this very lazy whole day.

Afternooners :- People of this category live very lazy in both morning and evening and live in drowsiness mood, however, from 11am to 5pm evening they are very active.

Napper :- People of this category live very active in morning, however live in drowsiness mood, from 11am to 3pm and then in the evening turn very active.

Night Owls :- People of this Category feel themselves tired and drowsiness at the beginning of the day and their morning is not before 10. O clock. However, after waking up, they are alert all day and awake the night for a long time.

Swifts :- People of this category, when ever they wake up till then they are alert all the day and till the sleep in night, and during this no one feels drowsiness or tiredness.

Woodcocks :-  People of this category feel drowsiness and tiredness throughout the day.

  • Which category you fall in ?

    • Morning Lark
    • Afternooners
    • Napper
    • Night Owls
    • Swifts
    • Woodcocks


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  1. I’m the kind of night owl who has a hard time falling asleep at night, even when I’m tired. I might have inherited that from my father, we need light and noise to sleep. ?
    I really wonder how the morning larks do it, but being a swift is the best. ?

  2. I would not know exactly where I belong … I go to bed early and I get up soon in the morning … I do not have a problem with sleep and I sleep well from 7 to 8 hours a day … Sometimes after lunch,

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