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Clarifying my gun control post of yesterday.

I wanted to clarify my post a little of yesterday on Gun Control.

1. I do not advocate the removal of guns from anyone that has them today. Nor in the US the right to purchase a gun if you so choose.

2. Well, if you have 4000 guns ina suburban home the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agency) will most likely remove them anyway.

Gun control is not something that impacts people that have and use their guns for hunting. Let’s be realistic and make sure that both sides are heard.

I do not, nor do I support removing guns from people.

My concern is one that can be addressed without horribly restrictive laws. The easy button here is a four-month waiting period for all weapons that can be used in an automatic mode. Note, of the last mass shooting in the US, the time between gun purchase and gun use was less than the four-month proposed waiting period. All of the last shooters demonstrated in the time before the shootings that they lacked something. 4 months give the authorities time to verify someone isn’t buying that weapon for the wrong reasons. Consider this as the 6-12 months Learners permit for getting a driving license in the US and other countries. Simply making sure the new driver (and new gun owner) understand the rules of the road!

I am personally concerned about the disinformation campaign on both ends of this issue. Disinformation campaigns are risky. Both sides present information that is known to be incorrect or limited, as a fact.

NRA Distortions

Gun Control – removing guns from gun owners. (this is an NRA blast, that they have harped on for the last eight years or more). It simply isn’t true.

Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws and the highest murder rate. Gee that one is fun. It is also wrong. Chicago is in the Guinness book of world records for the most unsolved murders in a city. Staring in 1922 in fact. The restrictive gun laws in Chicago were passed when they were the murder capital of the US in 2010. Gary Indiana (right by Chicago) followed Chicago as the Murder Capital of the US via guns. Both of the cities are not today the murder capital; they also have the tightest gun laws in the US. The reason for the higher gun laws was to get out of being the murder capital. So let’s be fair, murders are down in the Chicago from its heyday.

The vast majority of Americans support the right to own guns. (this one is funny. wrong and funny. if asked should be be allowed to own guns 61% of americas say yes. That is not a vast majority but it is a majority. If asked should people be allowed to own Automatic Weapons (64% of Americans say no).

Anti-Gun Lobby distortions

Guns kill people. Guns do not kill people. People kill people.

You can buy and use an Automatic weapon in 2 days. (no, the waiting period is ten days in most states)

Assault “weapons” are made for the military (partially true, The version made for the military is different than the one a citizen can buy by quite a bit)

Assault Weapon is a term we could also argue. In the US Military handbook of weapon, the term Assault Weapon exists, but it has a very different meaning than what is being used in the anti-gun posts. It is a sad reality right now. 

Both of the sides misrepresent the facts. Let’s see if we can get to the middle.

  • Trust but verify, right?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Interestingly enough Iceland has a population of about 330 000 and 1 in every 3 persons owns a firearm. This little country has not had a homicide since 2007.
    My assumption is that corruption is controlled from the highest to the lowest level.
    How would you and i compare our countries to Iceland? Go figure.

  2. You know we’re close to millions of weapons … even thin tanks found under the hood, not to talk about machine guns and automatic rifles … whoever wants to buy a weapon gets it for a small buck…..the laws are therefore written to violate them

  3. Gun laws in America is something I don’t understand, but you are right. People kill people. I don’t like guns because death is in seconds…
    However, my brother owns guns for hunting.

    We in New Zealand don’t allow anyone to have a gun unless you have a registered gun licence. However, you can buy an air gun with no licence.

    The recent situation in Christchurch brought to attention the ease of buying assault weapons for 51 people were killed in one day by one white supremist man with an assault weapon.

    After that, our govt in NZ came hard on assault weapons and had a buy back scheme. Some people brought in their assault weapons, but I would say that is a law with no teeth. Like most of NZ laws with criminals, they bring people to our courts and the criminals get a smack over the wrist and return to do it all over again..

    For a small country with less than 4 million people, NZ has far too many murders and there is no need for it. It is not because of guns alone.

  4. Finding the middle ground is tricky. Arriving at a conclusive decision isn’t easy. Politics rules because everything including religion is politicized. It is a sensitive issue which to be frank and sadly is never going to be fully solved and both parties be happy about it.

  5. I heard a podcast on NPR that helped me some (I can dig it up if you want to listen). The study concluded that the tendency to perceive threats, to buy guns, etc… is hereditary like being left handed. And, you don’t blame people for being left handed. That being said, I am saddened and horrified at each little proof that I am walking on this earth with beings that have no respect for life. Life in all its forms.

    • i have no issue with those that hunt.
      I have no issue with those who want to own guns.

      I like to bow fish. Bow fishing is illegal in a number of states.

      I have no problem with that either way.

      The middle however feels further away now than it did before.

  6. People should be allowed to have guns depending on where they live, what conditions. However, I do think guns should not be easily available, Laws should be strict on those who have them. Guns shouldn’t get into the hands of children, teens and anyone who has no business having one.

  7. I hate responding to issues of politics, religion and gun control. They are all touchy subjects. I will just repeat what I’ve said before: If a criminal, terrorist or random shooter wants a gun, they will get one by any means possible, including illegally.


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