chronic diet…

In a chronic diet it only has to respect the rule of combinations of foods, carbohydrates and proteins eat only for breakfast. You must not skip meals.

It is important that you have three meals, and there should be a space of about five hours between them to regulate the level of sugar and insulin in the body.
Foods to be avoided and when you reach the desired weight, milk, sugar, white flour, and yoghurt, which often contain starch.Chrono nutrition has become rapidly popular because calorie intake is not taken into account. Slim gradually, and kilograms are not returned if you continue to comply with light rules.A French doctor named Alain Delabos is the one to blame for the invention of chronic nutrition 30 years ago. He usually dealt with chronological biology, and he used his research field to devise this incredible diet, and some would say life. Dr. Alen claims that a person who conducts a chronic diet can lose up to 4.5 kg a month to an incredible 6 kg for 2 weeks!

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Written by Branka Drobnjak