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Christmas day blues – so many beggars

They are actually not beggars who are begging for Christmas gift (or cash) on Christmas day. They are just ordinary families, adults and children, who take advantage of the occasion to beg. They would knock on the gate or ring on the doorbell. When someone appears on the door, they would shout “Merry Christmas, namamasko po.” The phrase that follows the greeting means please give us something for Christmas. In that essence, I have a right to call them beggars, right?

It ia against my policy to tolerate such a bad and immoral activity. They are like teaching their children to beg and to take advantage of the generosity of people. That is the reason why I am attaching posters on our gate to tell those beggars not to knock on our gate nor to ring the doorbell. We do not give to beggars. That’s it.

  • Is Christmas celebrated in your country?

    • Yes
    • only some parts of our country
    • it is not allowed here
    • No


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Written by Alex Socorro

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