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Thinking of the color brown the first thing that comes to mind is chocolate. Then there is the brown of the leaves in the fall and the trunks of trees. I love the combination of brown and white, brown and orange, and brown and green. I often think of animals with soft, glistening brown fur. The colors of Thanksgiving are basically brown and orange.

Brown is a solid sort of color that represents reliability and stability. It is the color of nature as even the earth is brown. There are many interesting facts about brown as well. One of them is that the color known as Pullman Brown in the official color of UPS and everyone recognizes the UPS truck when they are expecting packages. It is said that when you have a dream about the color brown it supposedly means that you will be lucky with money. Everyone but everyone knows the brown chocolate bars which have Hershey’s written on them.

Brown is also a color known to create a haven far from the outside world and therefore leaving stress outside the door. Not many people would want to paint rooms brown but you can get it to work for you in other ways such as brown carpeting, furniture, and even draperies. Basically it is a quiet and unassuming color. Just think of how relaxing it feels to walk along a brown, dirt country road enjoying the sun shining above and the beauty of nature all around.

Brown does have several variations 

  • Dark brown – which is a pretty strong color but can be kind of sad and depressive.
  • Light brown – a genuine and honest color which is also quite friendly and can be paired up with dark brown for a lighter touch.
  • Tan – just plain natural.
  • Beige – a very well known and practical color when you want things not to be too bright you don’t paint walls white but you paint them beige.
  • Ivory – a very sophisticated type of color that can be very calming.

When it comes to brown food as I already mentioned above there is chocolate and just the mention of chocolate brings to mind delicious chocolate cakes with gobs of chocolate frosting. There are brownies and nuts. Nuts by themselves are brown. There are mushrooms that can be eaten with toasted bread. Just think of a delicious roasted chicken with baked potatoes. A Thanksgiving table with a large brown roasted turkey. There are roasted lambs and pot roasts all of them in shades of brown. There are brown eggs and on the sweeter side, there are creamy caramels.

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