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Change perspective

Sometimes we need to change our perspective to see things in a different way.

I took the photo to these flowers, we call it jugs, and because of the sun rays they look yellow but in fact they are white. A different perspective may allow us to discover new things not only in material world but also in our own life. It will help us to understand things better.

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Written by Maria

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  1. Some people talk of an ultimate truth, that remains truth, no matter the angle, or perspective that we try to distort or view it from though.

    Does a change of perspective change the truth (this ultimate truth), or does it just change our own perception of it so we see it then in a fresh light, and can gain too, a new understanding into it?

    Actually, I would say that truth has many levers, perspectives and angles to it that are different for every person who views or embraces the truth.

    This is why truth, our own truth, is unique to our own self, and why we should always be our own truthful self, nothing else, and yet the ultimate truth of God sits in the background from which all perspectives coalesce into life.

    This is a bit like the sun, where all beams of light originate from, but can be seen from myriads of angles, and through myriads of themes, perspectives, angles, or even substances, that might either enhance, or diminish the view, for oneself.

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