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Change is in the air – Thursday Reflections

‘Change is the only constant,’ may be a cliched saying; but is is very relevant. Life is changing every moment even as I type this word.

The world which we consider a global village is now expanding. Let me explain it.  We no longer have breakfast in Bhutan , lunch in Tunisia and  dinner in London.  The lock down imposed by countries has ensured that the distances between countries keeps them far apart.

People are learning to take things slow  and be patient.

They are realizing that we are a vulnerable race  and not really mighty and indomitable as we would like to think of ourselves.

We are learning to live simple lives and value the things that are really important.

The worth of our lives and those of our loved ones seem more important now than anything else.

Our perception and thinking is changing. They way we work, interact and communicate with each other is chaining too.

I suspect that this pandemic is really going to change the fabric of this world and our lives.

This picture was taken on my cell phone. The distance was at least 200m from where I stood.  I wanted to share this picture with you for the Thursday reflection challenge

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    Do you think change is in the air?

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    Is it change for the good?

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  1. One very pertinent thought for this post – “When you get out of a storm, you will not be the same person who entered it. Here is the storm.” Haruki Murakami.Hopefully the storm will go away soon and we will learn the right lesson for the future

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