Celebrating a Good Thing: Patriotism

Patriotism is under attack but being grateful for one’s community is important and being loyal to the people close to us is crucial to success in life. Equating patriotism with arrogance is a huge mistake, causing breakdowns in relationships with people we are not particularly close to when we could be building up those relationships.

When we hear about our country’s closest neighbors’ (Canada and Mexico) patriotic holidays we are happy for them. We say “Hurrah!” with them. Many of their country’s people return the favor with congratulations to us when we have patriotic holidays. It’s a very good thing for everyone.

In general, respecting each other’s countries rather than regarding each other disdainfully creates a cooperative spirit among nations. Patriotism (loyalty) to one’s own country in tandem with high regard for others’ patriotism helps people throughout the world respect each other.

There is the issue we have to face of countries with leadership that truly harms their people by closing them off from the rest of the world so they can keep a tight grip on every aspect of their lives. Those situations must be dealt with differently, but in most cases we can respect each other’s patriotism.

July 4th is America’s birthday celebration. More about celebrating its history can be found at Happy 4th of July. Let us hear about how you will celebrate the day (or let us hear about how your country celebrates its birthday) in the comments below.

  • Do you believe that patriotism is important?

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    • No
  • Do you believe we should respect other country’s national holidays?

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    • No
  • Are national holidays popularly celebrated in your country?

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    • No
  • Do you encourage patriotism in your family and community of people?

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    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I celebrated by getting together with about 60 friends and neighbors to eat BBQ, play games together, and then watch the fireworks which this year we had first on July 3rd and then again of the 4th. I hope we do that again next year, as fireworks 2 nights in a row is fine with me.

    • That’s great stuff! I hope you get to do it 2 days in a row again next year too, and I hope your comment starts a movement for an extended celebration of Independence Day! Thanks bunches for letting us hear about your get-to-gather!

  2. Americans are far more patriotic than most NZ people. I think that we should treasure where we live and not take the good things we have for granted and give thanks for our circumstances.
    However, I don’t take things too far, my mind cant take it in.

    • Encouraging gratitude and loyalty among our families and friends means we will see more people thinking about patriotism in an appropriate way. Many Americans do not really understand the concept of how patriotism is good for people because they listen to celebrities (sports, news, and actors) rather than thinking about the motivations of these persuasive people and considering what a wise response to them would be.

      • Interesting comment. I think many here in Onehunga Auckland are grateful for our great place to live in.
        Like USA, many here don’t think for themselves. They listen to some other persons opinion rather than have their own. Being grateful is a good place to focus on.

  3. This year, december first, we are celebrating 100 years since The Great Union, here in Romania. I hope people will understand the importance and the significance of this, but it seems people here are more interested in celebrities these days…

    • First, early congratulations to you on the 100 year anniversary!

      Also, thank you for the insightful comment about people being more interested in celebrities. It is a good point for people in all nations to consider carefully!

      • Thank you! As long as we still care, we have a chance as a nation and that goes for everyone in the world. I’m just sad that people become really shallow and care about glitter and sparks, not about heart and mind.

  4. I agree that there should be a patriot..You need to love your own, but to respect other people, countries, customs …Unfortunately It’s not everywhere. People replace patriotism and nationalism.Then there comes wars and conflicts.

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