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Cat and garden…

It is known that cats are eating grazing, although veterinarians do not know why: by some, it helps them to get rid of the hair they have accumulated in the stomach, and for others it only attracts the sweetness of the taste of young grass or maybe some vitamins that come in They are in the greenery.We all know that the mothers are quite willing creatures and that it’s hard for them to forbid something. Perhaps they will try not to do what you do not like while you are here, but as soon as they remain alone, they will hustle to the mischiefs.One of the things that birds and cats often do not agree with is what the plants in the house are and what they are meant for. Most of the proud owners of the cats I talked with told me, “Say hello to the flower now that you have a sword.”Take a transparent foil and wrap around the flowers (if you have a bouquet in a vase) or put it across the earth in a pot. Cats hate to walk through such material and run away from your pots. There’s a chance they’re used to not getting stuck with the pots, so that you’ll just take the foil off and everything will be fine.One of the most effective ways to repel a sweets of flowers. Mix a spoon of ale paprika in a little water and pour into the spray bottle. If your flowers have bright fruits, of course you do not want to paint it in red, but instead of splashing it all, it’s enough to slice the interior of each flower a little or just squeeze a few drops and your cat will lose ineteresion for the flowers.

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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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