Can't We Just Run Away for a Day?

Some days are just too hard to deal with. Reality isn’t a pleasant place to be right now. I find myself looking down instead of looking up. So what do I want to do today? I really just want to run away. I want to get in the car and drive and hide from the whole world and all its worries. 

In the past, I always felt like there was something I could control. Now I feel like there is simply nothing that I can control. There isn’t the right decision. There are not any good options. Hopeless.

I wish we could just ruan away today and pretend like everything was fine. I am too logical to believe that would help anything. So I guess my best option is to get things done and prepare to let go of everything and simply walk away. It would be polite to prepare the house for my husband and brother so they can make the choices they need to make for their future.

  • Have you ever just decided things are worth it any longer?

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