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Can't Stand Idly By ~ Saturday Critters

I photographed this rooster a few days ago. It’s luck when the time we have is limited as if they provide themselves to be the subject of an image. Yes, not bad right? His color is pretty elegant, right?

I was just about to close the gate when I saw this rooster with his entourage scavenging soil on a vacant lot next to the house. They are very busy! None of them stood idly by. Hahay… rather similar to my condition which is running around here and there…

Talking about being busy, to be honest, some part of me seems to have asked to rest but others part insist on keep on moving up to what needs to be done completely done, and if that is his choice, then it will still be long enough.

As I said in the last few posts, the focus of my nation’s members is on the election. The election was finished but the vote counting process was still carried out, and it seems until later the elected president would be sworn in after being constitutionally determined, various things which ravaged the sense of justice, attitude to be trusted, common sense, the feeling of the whole nation, and others will continue to spin fast like a storm. Unfortunately, many people and many parties have blinded themselves, played to win in any way, others are trapped by winds, others clench their fists while singing songs of struggle, and the rest can only cry sad and mourn witnessing lies versus honesty, power versus the will of the people fight over the place as the main star or can only feel embarrassed because all of these dramas are not good shows for the world, even though it’s loaded with valuable lessons in them.

I am not a fan of politics, but I care about the fate of my people. I might care less about the person who leads my country, but I care about integrity, nationalism, and the patriotism of a leader who promises to lead me to my great nation’s ideals.

  • Have you ever felt so short of breath witnessing the reality and social and political conditions?

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  1. I know that the easy answer is I don’t care about politics. I do truly mean that is an easy answer. All of us care about politics.

    We get in our transportation system and expect the highway to be smooth, the bridges to be there and the police to monitor traffic so that aggressive drivers are not running wild.

    Politics is in everything that a nation builds and delivers. All of us need to consider that politics is what makes our nations (there many represented here) go.

  2. Ahhhh, politics. I write very little on this subject. As far as I am concerned, it is but mummery. Election time in my country is next month. And while it is not yet finished, my meditation will be disturbed by playing of loud campaign jingles.

  3. When I see such a beautiful rooster, I can not think of politics. I’ll just say that! I do not think there is a politician who first thinks about the good of his country and his people. Not in my country! Maybe in your country is different.

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