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Canned goods for reserved meal

Due to the lockdown in our place, people here went panic buying and hoarding. They bought a lot of canned goods to last for more than a month. The rationale is for safety because we do not know if we can still go out when the lockdown is implemented.

But now that we know of the lockdown rules, I guess there is no reason to hoard food items as long as we can buy fresh food in the market. So there is no need to eat canned goods every day.

  • Do you stock on canned goods?

    • Yes
    • No
    • only during the lockdown


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. Thanks Alex for this. Yes people do panic during this and other things that have happened. I needed tuna in water so got what I found. I always thought when you buy tuna it is better to get it with saying it is in water rather than in oil. I stopped buying the oil ones a long time ago. I have been going somewhere where I can get sand for my cat and a bit more organized than the other ones. I have bought two of something that comes in a can so I do not have to go out each week. I hate going out these days. I hope it gets better where you live.

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