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Canada Goose ~ Thursday’s Reflection

Canada Goose (Brantacanadensis) is a common sight around any water source, parks and farmers fields in Canada.  My Thursday Reflection photo was taken at one of our parks and shows the reflection of the water and several geese hanging out on the banks. This is aptly called a duck pond and it is frequented by hundreds of geese and a few ducks from Spring to Autumn.

As the largest species of true goose, the Canada goose can be distinguished by its black neck and head, brown plumage and a white chinstrap. It will soon be time for the seasonal migration south and right now they can be seen practicing their amazing V flight formation for the long flight ahead. In this photo I imagine the geese are taking a break to groom and relax or reflect until they take to the air again.

  • Did you know that the Canada Goose is the second most dangerous bird for airplane strikes in the US?

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  1. Being French Canadian born and raised I was very happy to read about the “bernaches” Canada geese. Yes they have been slowly getting ready to fly down south. I just hope they stay clear of planes… Thank you for posting such a great article….

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