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Can you find poetry anywhere?

Joseph Joubert says you won’t find it. He says that you will not find poetry elsewhere. Poetry isn’t anywhere to unravel those lingering thoughts and words in your head. To be honest, reality sucks everywhere you look. Things don’t look well and everything just leads to death.

But your life doesn’t have to be that way. There is more to life while you’re at it.

And you know what?  He also sums up his little quote– which you may want to hear about. A little ray of light for you and me to think about. The words that make up your poetry and verses can be found as fresh and sweet as a gentle breeze.

You will find your poetry right there… whenever you bring some of it with you wherever you may be.

  • There is life or death in the power of your words, right?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Death and life is in the power of your tongue, that is what the scripture says. Poetry is in your heat when it meets the right climate outside it blooms into words that express those emotions that pass through your mind.

    • I very much agree and understand. The entire universe and beyond and everything in it came into being with each assigned purpose through the spoken words of our Creator. Everything came from the mind of God with great kindness.
      Thank you for this wonderful reminder, Dawn. 🙂

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