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Can we be frightened of happiness ?

Happiness is something that every person wants in his or her life, but did you know that some people are afraid of happiness too?

One of the many phobias or fears posed to humans is happiness, which is also called “Cherophobia”. Apparently this sounds strange, that finding of happiness is the main purpose of human life, but there are some,who want to avoid it.

In fact, such people’s fears are rooted in their past,  On such occasions with such people, when they are very happy, a traumatic event, an accident or an unfortunate event occurs. So this thing sits in their mind, that the happiness they get will bring with them any pain, as a result, they try to avoid happiness and such people wish to live lonely and like loneliness. They stop meeting people and attending concerts because even their happiness seems to be intimidating.

People living around such people should introduce them to small opportunities for happiness and try to create positive thoughts in them and It is only with the help of those close to them that such people can overcome their fears.

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