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Calculating ~ Nature Tuesday

The situation around me lately has made me constantly pay attention to everything around, nature or people, with various behaviors and feelings that result from it. All of that has triggered a question, which more has I done so far, to give or take? Entertain or hurting? Help or ignore?

By logic, it would be hard to calculate it all. Moreover, often what we intend to help or support can actually be detrimental or deemed so. Sometimes, when we intend to entertain others, people are offended, and so on, and vice versa, the things we do consciously or not to others that we mean to hurt, drop, or harm other people even actually make others become stronger, independent, steadfast, wise, and so on.

In the end, only wisdom can show us the real kindness of everything. Seems, It is the door to go upstairs to reality above it, higher awareness; true selves who are non-self, who are aware that there is no separation between self and others, and all are interconnected, which will lead us to an essential understanding of life, after we realize that we are no longer trapped in the idea that we are entities separated. The consciousness that flows peace and bliss from the source, which neutralizes the initial question above.

  • Have you ever counted or compared the positive and negative actions we have done to other people or nature?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I always want to think the best of people and hopefully be myself while doing my best. Some and very few won’t ever be happy with what I give but have to leave it.
    Yes I some way I Agee with you as humans we are all inter connected

  2. Sometimes … it’s the receiver …
    We have this saying in Chinese, “the speaker doesn’t have that intention (to hurt), yet the listener have (feels) that intention” …

    I think we cannot change how others want to think …
    but we can learn to be more sensitive …

  3. Looking beyond ourselves is the hardest thing any of us have to do. I know, early on as a parent, I struggled always putting my kids first. I did it, but it wasn’t always natural. I was taught to pursue my career and provide for my family.

    That balance took me a few years to establish.

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