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Buying my first book from Google Play Books

I found a book, “Teaching Through Stories: Jane and Jeremy Learn to Knit” which is recommended by my homeschooling mentor. As I am planning to teach my kids knitting this year, I think this is a good book for me too. As I am not staying in United States, shipping is always very costly to me, hence I either buy books from Book Depository (with free worldwide shipping), or I buy the eBooks. I found the book costs around USD$20 at Book Depository, and only USD$5 at Google Play Book Store, hence I dediced to buy the eBook at Google Play Book Store.

This is the first time I purchased an eBook from Google Play Book Store or made any purchase from Google Play Store. This is also the first time I purchase an eBook not in PDF format. When I downloaded the PDF format, it is actually in ACSM (Adobe Content Server Message) file format. I had no idea what it is until I searched more about it and finally installed the Adobe Digital Edition software to read the eBook.

It’s a good experience for me to purchase an eBook from Google Play Book Store, and it’s really simple to do so. I might consider buying more eBooks from Google Play Book Store as it should be much cheaper as compared to buying physical books, but sometimes I still prefer to hold a book and read.

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