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Buying cooked food

They say that the best food is the food that you cook at home. Unless you are not buying fresh food ingredients you are assured of good food that is healthy and delicious. In the olden times before the fast food came to fore, food is always cooked at home especially for the meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In this modern time, food delivery is very popular that some people who can afford to order food for delivery all the time do not cook anymore. It is convenient to just click on the app or call for the food that you desire to eat. Cooking is not only the labor for the actual cooking but also the effort to prepare the ingredients and later to clean the cooking implements not to mention the washing of the plates and cutlery. But if the ordered food healthy to eat? That is the question that needs an answer.

  • Do you buy cooked food?

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    • No


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Written by Alex Socorro

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