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Button Roses

Is that what they are called? I love these bunches of pretty orange and white blobs in the park. I have been looking around to buy them, but I don’t know their name to specifically request the garden care people.

They seem like lovely little buttons to me. I have seen these in yellow and orange, pink and white too.  They don’t seem to have any fragrance at all though. I was reminded of the camellias I had seen in my friends garden up in the hills.

I am so greedy when it comes to plants. I know greed isn’t a nice thing, but maybe its okay to be greedy for more plants 😀 . What do you think?

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    • Thanks Rasmasandra, I don’t think these are cabbage roses , these are not more than an inch in diameter, no fragrance and the don’t open like the cabbage roses do. Thank you so much for trying to help, I appreciate that very much.

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