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Button ~ Macro Monday

This is my second time talking about buttons. Well, this time I did it in the context of my contribution to the Macro Monday Challenge. Of course, I will say something else about the thing.

We know that buttons are small, simple but important. This object functions and becomes important for the clothes when it attaches bound there. In certain circumstances, the bond between buttons and clothing has some similarities to ourselves. You will definitely answer that clothing is more important than the buttons if I ask which is more important between the two. But under certain conditions, both will become obsolete, maybe no longer used if the buttons are gone. People will only see the clothes we wear, and will not pay much attention to the buttons, but if it is lost, people will notice something missing, right? So the buttons that don’t attract too much attention are able to determine the life of a garment. Isn’t in certain circumstances, on a certain side that the situation is somewhat similar to us?

Imagine our invisible, even we unaware, souls tied to our physical and mental bodies. As long as our soul is in place and able to show its presence sufficiently, people will pay attention to ourselves as clothes, but when the soul is not in its place, in various meanings, our existence is no longer worthy to considered as of importance, to be calculated or consider.

On the other hand, what distinguishes us from clothing and buttons is that we are the soul with many layers of clothing, while clothing is a piece with a few or many buttons.

  • Do you know the layers that wrap around the soul and which parts are the most difficult to remove?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Ah expanding the conversation of the onion. I find it easier sometimes to deflect with humor than reveal who I am.

    I would like to say I was a tootsie pop (hard outer shell, soft chewy center) but I know I am not. I wear my heart far outside my chewy center.

    It is the part of me that cares about how people operate.

  2. A very interesting question. It invites much discussion and thought. We are more than clothing. Our bodies are more than mer clothing but our soul is worth much more than both.

    It begs the question who am I? and my reply would be that I am who I am..
    I am not God , I am not like any one else, I am myself.

  3. We are like onions, with many many layers, I agree. Some get to peel back those layers and see our true self, if we choose that option. Others are never truly seen. As long as everything is in its place, all the buttons and zippers, etc., some people are never completely revealed.

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