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Butterfly Bush Blooms ~ Macro Monday Continues

Another spring garden photo to share with you on this Macro Monday. My butterfly bush has grown each year and I am always looking forward to the next season. I cut it back at the end of each season and it grows back bigger each year. This is what I love about perennials.

Amazing how this compares to issues in life. The things we cannot control (the growth rate of the plants for example) can be perceived as negative. And we are concerned about these things, and we talk about them. Wondering will the bush grow and how much will it grow, etc. Often the issues are left with no resolution. When you are the only one talking, not much can be resolved. One sided conversations are lonely.

Then there is the positive. The beautiful blooms attract the beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds. It is all a beautiful balance. Have a lovely positive rest of the day everyone.

Photo ©CarolDM2018

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Plants and gardening are one of the fun and exciting activities that are never boring, of course for some people, even though those who enjoy the beauty and benefits; flowers, fruit, greenness, shade, fresh air, etc. is everyone. It seems that it also describes something about our lives related to communication and human relations.

  2. what a beautiful flower, indeed some of the great things are little things that sometimes we wonder how they become such beautiful and fascinating.

  3. When I saw these beautiful white flowers, I instantly saw our Lord Jesus Christ clothed in white and giving us purity of His heart so that we may have a guilt-free life. Your images come from heaven. They are so pure and beautiful as if Jesus has clicked them for peace of mind.