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Bunyips Will Eat You

Alright, I agree anything called Bunyips must be adorable but not in this case. The legend of this creature is associated with Australia. The legend comes from the Aborigines. Whatever it really is Bunyips make its home in the swamps, coming out at night and making blood-curdling screams. The worst part is that this creature is not at all friendly and will eat animal or human if they wander in its territory. Its favorite meal is women. So ladies beware of Bunyips.

Bunyips is considered to be sort of like a gorilla or perhaps similar to Bigfoot. Perhaps this is his cousin but who knows. There are some who say it looks like it is half-animal and half-human in which case perhaps it got jilted by a woman and now is looking for revenge. It supposedly comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It has been described with many different parts depending on the person’s imagination who has seen it.

If you happen to be happily wandering through Australia and bump into something that fills your ears with horrible screams run as fast as your legs can carry you or quickly jump back into the vehicle you came in. Before you really scare the daylights out of yourself and your partner do consider how many drinks you might have already had and then make your final decision.

The photo is from Google with an image of what you might expect to see

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  1. awesome, consider how many drinks you may have had!

    I often wonder about the concept of bigfoot et al hiding (Yeti, this monster you’ve described). In order for them to still be hiding in the modern world, they have to be of superior intelligence to humans by a lot!

    • I found interesting facts about all kinds of legends one of them being from my previous post the Jersey Devil and this one but I have a feeling this was just someone’s imagination, Carol but if you go to Australia do be careful

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