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Bumble Bees vs Honey Bees

Captured this bee on my deck sedum a few weeks ago. They have all gone now. Some say they go underground for the winter. I guess they have tunnels to survive. I find that very interesting. And the blooms are gone until the spring. Good memories when I look back on all the photos I have taken. Memories.

This is also interesting about the subject of bees. Not all bees hibernate. Bumble bees hibernate, honey bees do not. Honey bees continue working through the winter. Although honey bees and bumble bees are very closely related, their winter behaviors are very different.

A colony of honey bees will live throughout the entire winter, actively keeping the nest warm and safe. Although a winter colony is much smaller than a summer colony, it will nevertheless contain thousands of individuals. They eat and work all winter long—activity which requires a large cache of stored food.

Bumble bees do not maintain colonies throughout the winter. Instead, the last brood of the summer colony will contain a number of queens. Each of these queens will mate and then find a safe nesting place in which to spend the winter. This is usually just a small hole in the ground or another protected spot just big enough for her. Only the queen bumble bees hibernate until spring. The rest of the colony dies.

And now you know the rest of the story.


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Written by Carol DM