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Bullying in workplace

I’ve watched a “detective game show” whereby they always try to incorporate current issues into the crime. I love that show for many reasons and one of them is the message they bring across.

This week’s theme is about Workplace bully. A few point they mentioned were:

1) “I’m just picking out your mistakes to help you improve!” and then they get out of hand with their “picking out of mistakes”.

2) The “abuse” of middle age workers (with families) by bosses who knows they NEED the job to support their family. They suck their blood knowing they can’t afford to quit.

3) Bullying of people who are new or don’t have the courage to say “No”.

4) Name-calling/giving “cute” nicknames without asking if the person like being called the names. Or not bothering to remember names, “Aye, you come here…”, “the who…? the pink shirt one!”

5) “Professionalism = not praising” ??? “If I’m good, I can be mean. There are 100s of others out there waiting to take your position”.

The 2017 US Workplace Bullying Survey showed that almost 60% US workers are affected by bullying. That is a pretty high percentage!

  • Question of

    Have you been bullied at work?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Which situation do you think bullying is more likely to occur?

    • Top-down (bosses to employees)
    • Same level (co-workers)
    • Bottom-up (employees to bosses)


What do you think?

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Written by alibb

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    • Well, at least you get bullied for a good reason LOL.
      Just kidding… it’s never good to be bullied but at least you didn’t get bullied for being new or no reason :p It’s because you’re too good!!

      It’s good the management took action!

  1. i needed one more option in your 2nd question (all three). The reality of bullying now, is that it happens at all three levels.

    It is name-calling.
    it is stalking in person.
    It is stalking on social media.

    Bullying in any form is unacceptable. Great post!!!

      • I have noticed one thing and that is those who bully get encouraged on the votes they get as beingcalled good and exploit the situation. Those votes are extracted. I have learnt the art of knowing who is a bully even though the world at large may think they are good.

        • I agree in some situations, people who bully gets the vote because they know how to word their bullying.

          “I’m just guiding him, but he just cry at the smallest criticism!”
          Kind of stuff… I’ve seen them in my old workplace.
          Some people really bully the newer people.

          But I’ve seen the other way round too – the new people who just sloth and their supervisor have to clear up after them.


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