Building a good fence against intruders

Our property is one moderate sized lot but the previous owner had wanted it to be secured. In the front is a steel fence while on the side is a concrete fence with barbed wire. When we moved in to this house we felt safe because of the fence especially when there were talks of burglaries in the village.

I have seen upscale villages with no fence. I liked to live there but it is only for the rich. And why no fence? Because they have ample security guards to protect the homes.

  • Do you think intruders can enter your home?

    • Yes
    • No
    • maybe yes or maybe no


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Back in Latvia, we had a fence all around our property and for added security, we were lucky that out neighbor had once built a factory next door so one side of our property was the back brick wall of the factory. We even had a garden gate that we could lock. Now where I live my friend’s garden is small and it is all open.

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