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Brendel Soaking up the Sunshine

Snapped a photo of Brendel chilling out in one of her cat trees. The sunshine is bright today for a change and both cats are making sure they soak up the rays. I am doing the same. Getting the Vitamin D when I can.

I have learned a lot about life from watching my cats. They definitely know how to chill. Not a care in the world. That is how we should all be as often as possible.

Photo ©CarolDM2019

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Written by Carol DM


  1. What I have learned from my sister’s dog Poochie is when she wants to go the bathroom, she either looks at me to say “I have to go outside” or she will place her paw on my leg.

  2. Well Brendel, you are copying on the Dude but at a higher level so slightly closer to the sun. Watch out you do not get sunburned as alibb mentioned. Don’t you look pretty and sassy along with that glaring stare because you are just like me as you do not like to have your picture taken. Well relax sweet Brendel, your mother is done with the clicking and you can go back to chillaxing. Sorry Carol but you know I just love talking to our beloved pets.