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Bored Out of My Skull

The Coronavirus has been affecting the lives of millions of people worldwide. Here in Manila, Philippines, the government has decided to put us on lockdown to keep everyone safe as well as in other parts of the country. We have a curfew which is from 8 in the evening until 5 in the morning. Most shopping malls are closed except for the supermarket. I am staying indoors today because I have a lot of work to do. And to kill my boredom, I’ve taken a few selfies using the Snapchat application on my iPhone. It’s one of my favorite photography applications as the filters are quite unique.

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  1. I personally have permission to go to work. I take care of an elderly lady. She lives in a house where there is a large yard and I can walk. Work 24 hours and 24 at home. Beware. It is difficult for everyone in the world.


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