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Blue and His Robe ~ Wednesday Shadows

To find something that falls under the kitchen table, I have used a flashlight. Moving the flashlight to and fro, the moving light caught the attention of Blue. He immediately followed the direction of the light, and instead felt glare even then approached the flashlight.

As Mavic and Natalya Love True Things said in my post three days ago that cats like to play with light, Susie seems very curious about the flashlight. His curiosity that caused funny things made me moved to take the picture. But because his face is too close to the flashlight, his face is dominated by white while the shadow is very large and contrasting. That makes him seems wearing a robe like a superman.

Hmmm… it looks like this could be a participation in the Wednesday Shadows Challenge.

  • Does the cat not feel glare?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Great shots, I love his green eyes. They are really coming out clear now. No more blue baby eyes. I think the shadows are fantastic. They are huge! Love the last one for that. Yes Blue does feel the glare. He is squinting. 🙂

      • Your comment made me observe Blue’s eyes. It looks like his pupils are still blue, maybe dark blue or dark green, it’s just when his eyes receive light, you know, her cat’s pupil eyes will shrink and in that condition, his eyes will turn yellow, and I wonder, is that how cats adapt to light. But indeed, on many occasions, I also saw that they often squinted when the flash/flashlight from the cell phone hit their eyes if I took their picture.

        Susie seemed to so caring about Blue but she was also often upset because she always being pounced on by Blue and asked to play fight in return for her unfortunately caress.

        • The light effect their eyes just like it does ours if we are in a dark place and suddenly the light comes on. It does hurt.
          Pupils will always be black, but when kittens and puppies are young the iris starts out a milky blue and at around 3 months starts to change to the adult color. By five months most have the adult color in. Same with coats.
          lol I told you he would start to pounce her. She will teach him important lessons in the months to come. Just let her. Tell him to quit when he gets really obnoxious she will appreciate it.
          I love hearing about your kitties. 🙂

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