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Blocking feature at Virily

I do not see any one writing about the blocking feature at Virily, these days.  This blocking facility only blocks viewing profiles of those who have blocked you and nothing else. 

I accidentally responded to a user who blocked me but there is no provision to delete it.  There is only one who has blocked me.  

One does not have to block you as you can stay away from those you are not happy to interact with.  I have a few users who I do not enjoy interacting with and also posts written by them do not interest me. 

  • Do you think that blocking feature is useful here?

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    • No


What do you think?

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Written by grace


  1. I’m kinda 50-50 on this.
    It being there doesn’t mean I’ll use it…
    but when I need it, it’s there …
    that’s what I think

  2. I agree with you …. I don’t know why I would block anyone …. if I don’t like it I prefer to withdraw from it and leave it alone

    • I have been blocked by one and you are right about not going to posts of those that you are not interested in interacting with. Blocking is the meanest thing to do. We are all adults here and we can surely navigate in a manner that gives us peace.

  3. I did not use this option and will not use it. I do not know if someone has blocked me, it looks I can view all profiles, at least, I did not encounter such problems.

  4. I was not interested in using this option, nor will I be interested. As you say, if I don’t like a user I will avoid it. How do you know you were blocked? Do you get a message?