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Black Like Bats

The color black is very fashionable when considering evening clothes. I’ve always associated black with mystery. Some people don’t but I love bats and adore pictures of those winged creatures flying high in the sky.

Black is associated with the nighttime. We all know that the colors of Halloween are black and orange. I love such combinations as red and black, emerald green and black, white and black, gold and black, silver and black and yellow and black. Some colors which I don’t think go very well with black are brown and blue.

Unfortunately, black doesn’t have a very good reputation because it is associated with evil and death but on the good side also elegance, formality, power, and mystery. The velvet black sky at night can look fantastic when the twinkling stars and moon are out and can be quite romantic.

 Black shadows can seem scary to some and this color can also make some people feel melancholy. People will feel afraid to find that the lights go out and it’s pitch black all around and when night falls I always think how lucky cats are that they can see in the dark their eyes glowing brightly.

The great thing about black is that it can absorb negative energy and so it is good to have something black to carry with you to be protected from negativity and harm while you are traveling or outside your home.

This color is also associated with seduction and sexiness because usually black sexy lingerie is purchased. The one very interesting thing about black is that if you think about it unlike with other colors there are no other black colors or shades. Black is black is black.

There are black gemstones such as onyx which symbolize resilience and self-control and they have protective energies.

Finally yes, there are black foods if anyone is wondering. Frightfully different there is black garlic which is an aged variation of garlic and it has twice the antioxidants of the usual garlic.

Squid ink gives the striking result of black pasta. Squid ink has been known to be able to slow cancer growth because it stops the growth of new blood vessels.

Black sesame seeds have a large amount of calcium and they are delicious.

Black rice contains antioxidants and anthocyanin. It can certainly make a difference in any meal.

Black mushrooms have a compound in them that stimulates the immune system and they have antioxidants that can aid in helping to prevent premature aging and cancer. They have fascinating names such as lion’s mane, hen-of-the-woods, and wild morel.

Black Mission Figs are great summer fruit and go well with cheeses and salads. They offer fiber, manganese, and potassium.

Among my favorite foods are black caviar, black beans, and black olives.

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