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Black and white Friday – tulips

One day we stop believing that the world is magical. We think we have become smart realists. But in reality, this is a punishment. The burden of disbelief and skepticism impossible to lose.

But what is the reality that we seem to understand? A mixture of senses, theories and mathematical calculations?

I want to believe in miracles Let them be somewhere at night, far beyond the horizon, but my childish faith makes life more beautiful. Faith that life is colorful, not just black and white, and those tulips are more beautiful in colors…

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  1. I am a dreamer as a child art and dreams helped me go through some awful times. Now my life is better my husband is another dreamer like me.
    Yet I will try to make some dreams come true and that is what creative people do
    Creative people make some dreams come true, see it do it and we have magic

  2. Lovely picture. These beautiful tulip flowers have an interesting story. During seventeenth century, the value of tulips started appreciating steeply in Europe that it resulted in an investment bubble.

  3. I worry often that I have become a jaded and cynical realist but people keep telling me that I’m dreaming.
    Most all of us believe in miracles, or want to, don’t we? Nature imitates art? I like to say that a lot. If I really believed it then it would be true I think.