Birds love the fruits

We have some fruit trees that the birds love. Proof are the fruits that they eat. They are always one step ahead of me when it comes to harvest. The guava in the picture was already eaten even before it was really ripe. Once the smell of the maturing fruit is sensed by the birds, they would peck on it. And when the taste is good, you can say goodbye to that fruit. But in fairness to the birds, they eat the fruits one by one. That means they do not peck on 2 fruits at the same time so the other fruits are left for my harvest.

Aside from the guava, another favorite fruit of the birds is the star fruit. The ordinary star fruit is ignored by the birds but our star fruit is the sweet variety that it tempting to the birds when they ripen. Who would believe that our strawberries are also victim of the birds? Now I can say that our home is bird friendly.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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