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Bighorn Sheep Head Clash 20 miles /H

Have you heard of the Big Horn sheep? This wild sheep found in the western mountains of North America and famous for its own horns this sheep is named according to its horns.

The horns of this sheep are approximately 14 kg in weight while its own weigh it up to 140 kg. When the these sheep fight each other, it is head clash fight with horns. These sheep clash their horns at a speed of 20 miles per hour and if there is a person compared to it, he may have died immediately.

On this speed, male sheep keep fighting for hours, which are mostly due to female sheep. These sheep’s head consists of two layers of bones, due to which  they can easily manage the strong head clash.

The sheep fighting ages are 7 to 8 years old, because of this age, their horns are powerful and the head can easily manage strong head clash and below this age they cannot fight neither they can manage such head clash.

Watch Video of these Sheep Head Clash  : Click here Big Horn Sheep Head Clash

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