“BIG YES” is Coming in 2019! Prophesy for the Readers!

For everything and anything that you dream’t of, God has said “YES” for it in Jesus Name. When we ask in the name of our Lord, it is approved as it is and given to us. All our prayers are only “Yes”, “Yes” and “Yes” for God. It is written in Bible that first we should seek the kingdom of God and then all the things will follow us.

The truth is that we ask for materialistic things even before we love God. God is a giver, but not a robot. He also has feelings for us and He also wants us to love Him truly and unconditionally. When we want unconditional love, God also wants the true love from us.

It might have become a habit for us to keep asking God for favor, but, at times He keeps on searching for true lovers. Those who trust in Him, have Faith and Hope upon Him and those who love Him unconditionally. God answers all the prayers for those who love Him truly.

So, the time is coming in 2019 for all those who love the lord unconditionally. He will answer all the past, present and future prayers with a big “YES”. Remember the word “BIG”. The “BIG YES” is coming in 2019!

So, if you have received God’s message in Jesus Name, then, Let’s say “Amen”!

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