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Big Fat Indian Wedding

Weddings take different turns depending on which community celebrates them.  There is one community needs a mention and that is the Punjabis. 

Punjabis love doing everything in a big way, be it their Bangra dance, their food, the jewellery the women wear and works. 

What draws everyone’s attention is the manner in which they celebrate weddings. The bride is decked up with finery even the queens cannot afford specially the jewellery they wear, the food they serve  I attended one such wedding and I thought I would have to wear skates to cover those buffet tables. 

And did you know quite a few take loans to compete with the Joneses?

  • Did you have a grand wedding and for which you took loans?

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  1. As expensive and competitive weddings are today, many have lost the purpose of wedding. While celebration is okay, the witnessing is the most important one. This has made many people to elope – come we stay.


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