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Big Day for Me

Today I didn’t just read on virily. I made some comments. That is a bid jump for me. I am still quite nervous.  I participated on some post with pictures and I tried to figure out what I was supposed to do with orange. In the picture I thought this little man was orange, but now he looks red to me.

Maybe I should have waited until someone else was here. It was fun to try though. I will probably go back to reading until I find a boost of confidence.

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    We you scared at first?

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    Do worry about what others may say or think?

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  1. Hi Gramps and welcome! First off, that is orange. Secondly, we all felt some sort of intimidation at first. That is totally normal. No worries though, there are so many nice people here. You will soon get the hang of it, and btw thank you for commenting on my posts! Good to have here!

      • You did fine, only thing you didnt do was mention color crazy somewhere in the title. No worries though. Yes, each week is a different color and yellow will be featured. We are working our way down the rainbow. So green after that and so on. You can also post as many as you want, most important thing is to just have fun. There are also daily challenges, where each day you post something different. You can find what day is what by typing in each day into your search engine, and it should give you some ideas.

  2. It sure looks orange to me There are challenges created by users here. And this challenge is created Kim Johnson. While answering challenges you must make a mention of it in your post. That’s all there is to it.

    You will soon get the hang of the site and I welcome you here.


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