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Beyond The Twilight Wall

Beyond the twilight wall

holy plain

unknown place

see reality

through death

that there is no death

no life

it is only a harmony

convey the message

the life you see

maybe not alive

the death you feared

maybe nothing

there is nothing

but harmony.

Have you ever gone 

to the back of the twilight wall

in nothingness 

nothing but

absolute existence

to see

how you live

and how you die?

  • have you ever gone to the back of the twilight wall?

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  1. With some delay, my dear friend, I’m glad you’re alive and well. Like I miss many of our great virily family. I send you from Torrevieja Spain all the sun we have here. To warm and warm your way in your life.

  2. My friend I am very glad to see that you are at least alive … after writing the song I felt that you were not the best but I believe in tebeker I know that you are a strong man … I wish you all the best in life from your heart and that whatever will pass as soon as possible … you’re on my mind, my dear friend

  3. The essence of what we are, what we could be, always limited but where and why. Nothing but absolute existence, a line that calls to mind the need to separate us from the world.

    So beautiful and so much pain. But there is beauty in the sound of the words.

    I have missed you my friend!

  4. Albert, My dear friend. You have no idea how much it has made my day to see you again. I trust you are doing ok my friend. We do have to enjoy life as it comes our way. Hugs to you!! You have been very missed.

    Your words resonate with me in a deep place. Sounds like you have been in a battle and have lived to tell about it.

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