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Beyond the Thunderdome

I do steel cage matches all the time, but this is the first faithful to the source match. These guys have a real Mad Max feel to them, and might really do the whole “two men enter, one man leaves” bit

Check out the larger versions here and here

  • which version is the winner?

    • contrasty
    • HDR

What do you think?

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  1. I can’t see his face in the HDR thumbnail but I assume its the same as the cover pic,,,
    hmm … I like something of both so I can’t really choose…
    at first glance, contrasty gets my attention

  2. Tough choice. I feel like the guy in the HDR pose is looking at me, hard to tell because he’s wearing glasses, but I have that feeling. I’m afraid I might disappoint him, therefore I go for HDR. Tough choice it was, again.

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