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Benefits of sea water

Considered, for centuries, an essential ingredient in medicine, sea water is a true element of luxury. It is the prototype of simplicity and, at the same time, an example of natural healing.

Natural sea salt contains many minerals our body needs, such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. And the truth is that all of these play a role in the health of our skin, allowing our cells to truly heal us. Let us take note, then, of some of the deepest gifts that this portent of Nature offers us:

1- It improves our mental health- Sea salt contains vitamins, minerals and other micro-organisms that can release substances (bacteria and important chemicals) that can improve our quality of life. A salt water bath reassures our mind, increases our energy levels and also our ability to deal with the problems that arise. Diving into a deep sea can even enhance our self-confidence as well as improve our ability to concentrate.

2- It benefits our oral health- Sea salt removes bacteria, helps cleanse our gums and also minimizes bad breath, making it a perfect and totally natural ingredient for a mouthwash. By using it, bacteria that cause problems such as gingivitis and halitosis are removed and the irritation from certain types of canker sores are also calmed down.

3- Treat our skin- Used for centuries around the world, saltwater therapy has revealed remarkable impacts on our skin. There is strong evidence that it closes our pores; kills acne-causing bacteria; reduces scarring; restores the natural pH of the dermis and absorbs the excess oil it produces; improves your hydration and reduces symptoms of inflammation. The microorganisms we just talked about increase circulation, improving the quality of our skin and intensifying the flow of nutrients from which it benefits.

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  1. If you have the opportunity to go and dip in the salt lakes around the salt-pans. Make body massage with salt from the bottom of the lake. The result is a miracle. One has the feeling that his skin is massaged with bruise. It’s so smooth and soft.

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