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Becareful of Paypal scams

I guess many of us here uses Paypal as our payment processor hence, I would like to warn you of some Paypal phishing scams that I encountered more frequent recently (after I have some cash in my account)!

In case you didn’t know what phishing is … its is an email/site that was made to look exactly or very much like the original website and then trick you into logging in with your real password and account! The aim of the whole site is to steal your account details, passwords` or even session cookie!

I know many of us are smart enough to avoid these and this just serve as a reminder 🙂

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  1. When you post things like this it is really helpful to guide people.

    1. if you get an email check the spelling. Paypal doesn’t send emails with misspellings.
    2. Check the button or website by right-clicking on it. If it is truly from Paypal it ends with if it goes to then you know it is a fake address.

    The general rule and this is critical if you aren’t expecting an email verify. If you are expecting an email verify anyway.


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