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Beautiful Trees – Cassia Fistula

The cassia fistula or the Indian laburnum is one of the beautiful trees that blooms in the month of April. It is one of the most beautiful trees I have seen in my opinion second only to the Java cassia its cousin.

These trees have flowing bunches of golden yellow flowers that sway in the gentle breeze before the summer heat begins. The trees are so full of flowers in spring that it is hard to see the leaves on the tree. The flowers are delicate and every morning you wake up to a carpet of yellow petals that falls to the ground overnight.

The blooms on the small tree remind you of spring time. You could even grow these trees in large containers. I grow mine in a container on my terrace since I don’t have any space to grow trees.

These flowers are associated with prosperity and well being. They are also called the ‘Golden showers’ locally.

I love nature and I am happy to photograph and write about them wherever I can.

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful tree full of blooms. Reminds me a bit of our own lilac trees but ours are lilac or white while yours is the color of the sun. Do you know, by any chance, if they would flower and live like this in North America. Remember, here it gets covered in snow and cold during the winter season. Anyway, answer if you can or have the time.

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