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Beach all year round?

The proximity to the sea is of great importance for many who admit to not being able to live far from it and assume the need to relax, whether with a swim, or at least a moment on the beach.

It is a healthy habit and it’s not just sea lovers who say so. This aspect is¬†proven by neurologists who point out the specific advantages of maintaining this habit.


Firstly, it is good for the skin, not only for the vitamin D that is received when exposed to the sun (and the beach is a good place for it), as well as for the seawater itself that also brings benefits in this sense since it guarantees the supply of various minerals such as calcium, potassium or magnesium that help in therapeutic purposes and in the treatment of infections or even allergies.

In the case of vitamin D, it is important to warn against the need to protect against UV rays. It is certain that in the peak of the summer the protection should be more intense, but it is worth remembering that this is a care to have all year round. With the right protection, sun exposure will strengthen your bones, ensuring the supply of calcium, and help the cardiovascular system.

At the respiratory level, experts say that sea water is also beneficial as it relieves asthma symptoms in addition to releasing any of the constant pollution in which one lives in the center of the city.

Already in the water (courage, it is proved that two minutes are sufficient for the body to be used at low temperatures), to keep swimming for even a few minutes a day is a very healthy habit since swimming is an exercise that guarantees physical improvements to almost all muscles, plus a very pleasant way to prevent cardiovascular or chronic diseases.

Before, after or in place of the dive, you can also opt for a boardwalk since walking on the sand is a way to stimulate the nerve endings as well as strengthen the muscles, from the feet to the back, in particular, the glutes and quadriceps.

Lastly, the whole experience of spending some time on the beach or by the sea is extremely relaxing, a feeling that leads to improved creativity, good mood and energy.

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