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Be My Valentine ~ But Only on February 14th

How often do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Did you know that in Western culture there are 12 types of Valentine’s Day celebrations?

Evidently, every 14th day of every month is a *valentine’s day*.  If you are a non~Westerner and you didn’t know, no worries.  I’m a westerner and I didn’t know either! The list of various V-days days is below and quite frankly, after reading about what is celebrated on each 14th day of the month, I am content to just stick with my family tradition of handing out small pieces of chocolates to my kids on February 14th of every year.

* January  ~  Diary Day

* February ~  Saint Valentine’s Day

* March ~ White Day

* April ~ Black Day

* May ~ Yellow & Rose Day

* June ~  Kiss Day

* July ~ Silver  Day

* August ~ Green Day

* September ~ Music & Photo Day

* October ~ Wine Day

* November ~ Orange & Movie Day

* December ~ Hug Day


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    Have you ever heard of or celebrated any of the Other Valentine’s Days?

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