Be As It Is

Look around us outside of humans, all appear as they are. Plants, animals, land, water, fire, natural and other events, even almost all human creations. But look at humans, how to see them and us as they are.

When it comes to clothing and overall appearance, it indeed cannot be excluded because humans have character, religion, law, rules, culture, customs, creativity and so on that teach morality, etiquette, and courtesy to be accepted by other people in the social environment, and that is what distinguishes us from other creatures. But precisely because of that all humans also become infatuated to manipulate anything, including and even especially themselves.

Humans, because they live by size, by parameters, become afraid, are very afraid to be measured as “less” especially as “bad” by others and vice versa is very craving to get the admiration of others in any way. Then it happens, humans manipulate the authenticity, uniqueness, appearance, performance, character and nature in various ways, cover their shortcomings with various compensation, manipulate images and promote greatness and kindness solely so that they have the opportunity to avoid being called wrong by scapegoating others, fulfilling their desires by manipulating legal loopholes, power, relationships, projects, and anything else that can be utilized for its own sake. All that is done by humans consistently and diligently so that they lose their orientation to be themselves.

Try to always smile if someone says sarcastically and incites, “I know exactly who he is…!”, Let alone know and moreover understand others, even we ourselves do not know and don’t understand ourselves. That’s the sentence I heard this afternoon from someone with the intonation and facial expressions I mentioned in the previous sentence.

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  1. Yes indeed I have heard that statement Albert. People tend to forget people are not like trademarks. They are human, each different. We should all remember to be who we are from the inside out, always. Be true to yourself. I am who I am no matter where I am or who I am with. There are some then tend to change depending on the crowd they are with. Fake people are not a part of my life.

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