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Basket Fruit ~ Macro Monday

A guest who visited a few weeks ago brought a basket of fruit. The basket fruit is made of rattan with a cloth layer on the inside. Considering that the basket was quite attractive, my wife did not intend to get rid of it from the dining table immediately, even though the fruit inside was no longer there.

Unfortunately, the basket then seemed to be a favorite area for ant traffic – small ants which less than two millimeters in size – whether they were adventuring to find food or they were from the srikaya fruit that I showed last week. Actually, the basket has been cleaned several times from the ants but they always come again, and again. I know that ants are always looking for everything around us, but they should know that not all places or things they can explore because it can be a violation of privacy, right?

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    Do you see that little ant?

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    Do you know how to keep the ants from passing or staying in such a container?

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    • No
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    Do you like products made from rattan?

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  1. Users voted 12 times.
    Q: Do you know how to keep the ants from passing or staying in such a container?

    Yes (4 votes) – 31%
    No (9 votes) – 69%

    Q: Do you like products made from rattan?

    Yes (10 votes) – 91%
    No (1 votes) – 9%

    Q: Do you see that little ant?

    Yes (12 votes) – 92%
    No (1 votes) – 8%

  2. Very impressive, interesting, capturing photo and frame!!! I like the combination of colors and materials, really great…..! I especially like this white rattan in combination with the material above…!
    It’s a shame ants come again, I really don’t know why but possibly because of the fruit, so cleaning the basket well could help

  3. I had an ant problem once, and if you put a jar of apple cider vinegar on the counter it will help a lot. Just poke holes in the lid, then, after putting the liquid inside screw the top back on. I would change it daily! I also heard wine works lol too.

  4. Maybe put the basket in a freezer would get rid of the existing ants but not for the next upcoming batch. I also have had several rattan furniture in the past. But I do not find them as sturdy as bamboo furniture. I enjoyed these types of settings for the longest times because they were airy and light and did not take as much space as our own bulky furniture. Unfortunately I have outgrown them all and now need a softer seating arrangement and a sturdier back support… The fruit basket is very lovely…

    • Putting a basket in the freezer is an interesting idea but the handle on the top that is twice as high as the basket itself does not seem to be possible.

      The advantage of rattan is its flexibility which makes it suitable for a variety of unique designs, but indeed rattan is not as solid as bamboo, especially in humid climates, and it makes it difficult to last.

      Actually woven rattan baskets like that are very common, but putting a layer of cloth inside gives a pretty added value.

    • Because those ants live in my house, for free, so they should respect my rules, at least they and I have to make a mutually beneficial agreement.

      Yayaya… I have that kind of magic chalk, but if I scribble it on the dining table with that chalk then my wife will grumble “Why don’t you paint in the proper media!”.

  5. A lovely basket for sure. This has happened to me, I replaced the cloth, that didn’t work, so I finally resolved that there must be some crumb in between the spaces in the rattan that I could not reach.
    I sat mine outside in the screen room and eventually was able to bring it back indoors.

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