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Barefoot is good for your body

A study published in the journal of medicine and science Nature found that general use of footwear, especially amortized footwear, can have serious effects on the skeleton in general and on the feet in particular. In addition to compromising ground sensitivity, our balance and joint force may be at risk. This factor has future consequences for the rest of the body, affecting our skeleton and posture as well as muscle performance.

The truth is that the earliest forms of footwear only appeared about 40,000 years ago, and the first shoes with any kind of cushioning were not recorded until the time of the Industrial Revolution. Before that, humans were able to walk, run and hunt barefoot, and with the emergence of calluses, the skin was protected from uneven ground.

Today, the calluses are considered unpleasant, resorting to numerous treatments and products that remove or prevent its onset. That said, when comparing the feet of people in Kenya and the United States who prefer to walk barefoot in everyday life with people who always wear shoes, the researchers concluded that, despite being calloused, the feet of the “barefoot” group did not lose sensation. external stimuli or ground protection while walking. On the other hand, the “footwear” group found the opposite: most showed greater susceptibility to muscle injuries and greater pain in the hip and lower back.

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