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Banana Leaf ~ Nature Tuesday & The Special "Glasses" of The Photographer

A rather strong wind is a fun friend to take a walk around the home environment but is less supportive of taking pictures as above.

Waiting for the wind to subside so that the banana leaves are slightly immovable does not produce results, then the only way is to hold the tip of the leaf to make it easier to capture. Likewise, it is still not easy to wait for the right moment so that the pieces of leaves that have been torn apart are calmer. Even I have to edit it so that the photo looks a little sharper.

After I noticed the results, I think this photo is quite appropriate for the Nature Tuesday challenge and at once also The special “glasses” of the photographer challenge that I think is also important to be pushed to the top. Hopefully, Elenka-lacho59 can say whether this photo can be considered fulfilling the criteria of the challenge.

The little problem is to put the names of the two challenges at once into a title that will make it long! But after I thought about it… Ahhh… Just do it!

  • If you have not participated in one or more challenges here, may we know the reason?

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  1. I do try to post for them, and I don’t think it matters if the post comes out or is released on the wrong day. Say you post for macro monday and it comes out on Thursday. I think I will switch it up a bit for a few weeks. I will post for friday on Tues, and post for Thursday on Monday. 😉

    • That’s a pretty understandable reason, Doc. And your appreciation for all posts is very positive challenges.

      In the past, I was never interested in participating in any challenges because I just wanted to maintain the characteristics of my posts (a combination of paintings and literature) but since I was pulled into a challenge, I thought there was now no problem if I didn’t maintain my style too rigidly. There are other things that I think about starting a challenge or participating, giving other friends the opportunity to be more active posting without feeling too confused about what to write.

      There are a few obstacles here to participate in daily challenges, namely the fact that not all of the friends here are verified user, and that’s why I started the “Let’s Do More” challenge, which in addition to increasing creativity and artistic feelings, friends also have other opportunities to post more often without terms of time and period in effect, and can also be more active (except constrained by time constraints). For you, you have even posted several posts every day. Hopefully, more friends follow in your footsteps.


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