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Back Story to these Mountains

I always enjoy learning about mountains to visit. Many are here in the United States. While researching I learned about Mount Mitchell in North Carolina. I have never heard of these mountains before.

The Appalachian Mountains might not be the largest in the United States, but they are the oldest and have much historical significance. 

The highest peak in this long chain would be Mount Mitchell, part of the Black Mountain Range in North Carolina.

Unlike all the other mountains on this list, Mount Mitchell is named after Elijah Mitchell, a science professor from the University of North Carolina who fell to his death from the slopes in 1857.

Very sad story. A great way to honor the man who lost his life.

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. Sad, I heard of someone falling to their death in a rescue team while trying to help some careless people in the Southern alps.
    The airforce rescue people flew to get these people in a friendship aircraft.
    The careless people had been warned about their clothing being inappropriate and going in less than good weather.
    The people were not even thankful for this team who risked their lives to save theirs. One of these brave people died falling off a 1,000 foot cliff.
    I guess human nature is not great.

  2. Interesting and similar! We have almost all the mounts named after their discoverer. There is always a story about how a mountain was named. I can quot Mount Everest, Karakoram (K2) and Hidu Kush as some of them in our area.


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