Back in time

I have a younger sister, she is obedient and studies very well. But the fate teased people, I have never known how sad and happy life, have not experienced the “life” in life, have gone forever, the disease has robbed her little sister I. A tall, smart, intelligent girl who was just lying still in her hospital bed with weak breaths, my heart ached, I always hoped miracles would happen, but it was all virtual. thought.

No more phone calls and jokes, no more messages from every day, no more weekends when women drove each other to milk tea, to the park, to coffee.I am a person of work, working all the time, being a carefree person without worry so of course I sometimes think only for myself but do not appreciate the time in beside you .Now what regretted it was, it was all too late.I wish I could come back to do the things I haven’t done, let me give and receive my full love, so I can take care of you more.Birth – old – sick – death is something a person must go through, but really the pain of those who stay on the wound is often difficult to heal.I would like to ask you a sincere sentence, if you still have people to love, please cherish it, do not lose your precious time with your friends because of your busy work and pursuits. love. Go home with your family when you can.

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