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Baby of the House

We have named her Baby as she is the youngest may be around 45 days.  But her behaviour is far from being a baby.  You must watch her snarl at me with her quarter inch sized mouth opened while doing that. She climbed on the sofa herself. 

She is breast fed but yesterday she ran away with a piece of fish that Lolly our boy cat was eating He let her have it  She went on growling while she was trying to eat it but took more than 2 hours over it. 

As I have often said here these cats do not letl us touch them but we do enjoy watching their activity.  Something is better than nothing.

  • Who is the baby in your house?

    • Yourself?
    • Your son?
    • Your daughter?
    • Your husband?
    • Your wife?
    • Your grand son?
    • Your grand daughter?
    • Your pet dog?
    • Your pet cat?
    • Any other?


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  1. That cute little Baby sure sounds like a little terror. But I am sure that with a lot if love and attention she will come around and become a cuddly little snow bear… It is so cute sitting on this big chair… nobody can resist trying to pet her…


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